Wednesday, May 26, 2010

It's moments like these

This blog will be short, but I felt as though I had to share this moment I had with Addison today. 

I was upset, thinking about all of the things my little peanut has been going through. Tomorrow is a BIG day for us, we are seeing the GI doctor and there is a strong possibility that she will have to get a G-tube. As I am sitting on the couch holding her, kissing her, I start to cry. I reach up and take my glasses off and as I do that Addison lays her head on the bridge of my nose, looks up at me and wipes away my tears with her little hands and then laid her head on my shoulder. That moment was indescribable, I felt at peace. It was as if she knows it will be okay and that was her way of telling me. She reminds me everyday how strong we both are. 

To be the mother of my two girls is the greatest honor and is truly humbling. Momma loves you girls!

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