Sunday, July 4, 2010

Why life is a bowl full of cherries......

So much has happened over the last few weeks. I feel as though I am bursting with things to say! I will start with what an incredible month June was! It was the first official CMV awareness month and was filled with lots of new and wonderful things. I was able to tell a lot of people about CMV, what it is and how easy it is to both catch and prevent. Janelle, The president of STOPCMV.ORG, and other CMV mothers made strides while in Atlanta at the CDC. Hope, is something that is running rapid in our CMV community!

On the charity note, March of Dimes is starting to go full force as well. I am working close with my coordinator Mary to put the finishing touches on planned fundraisers. So far this year we are having a Premier Designs fundraising party, a car wash, and I am in the works for planning either a festival for fall or spring. I have also talked with the FBLA teacher advisor for PHS and they are going to be doing a fundraiser for us and I am going to meet with Dr.Wilson, the principal of Hill City Elementary, to organize penny walks for all the students. It's very exciting to see how willing people are to get behind an important cause. Mary and I are also putting our heads together on ways to incorporate Addison's CMV as a HUGE part of everything we do. We both want to be able to use this huge forum as a way to make a BIG impact and difference! 

Now of course we can't forget the little one behind all of this motivation! The month was filled with a lot of progress and firsts for our little fighter! She was fitted for and brought home a head-shaping helmet, got two teeth, learned how to pivot, is eating more table foods(and keeping them down), is talking like crazy, pulling herself up on anything her short arms are able to reach and showing preferences over people, colors and shapes! It's been wonderful to watch her explore every little detail of a toy, to stare at a picture taking in all it has to offer and taste ANYTHING she can get her hands on, not that has been always a pleasant experience for any of us! I believe Chloe and Trey may have gotten the worst end of that from time to time....hehehe.

 I have never seen such instant love between siblings before. Trey is the alpha, of course, and protects both of them with such conviction. Sometimes I stare at him in complete amazement, that young man has had some very adult things to deal with, but has dealt with it like a champ. He knows what he wants, and even though at times it takes a bigger push than others, he does the right thing. I will never be able to find the words to thank him for everything he has taught me and for the way he shows unconditional love towards his "sisters". Chloe says the sweetest things about him! She was telling my mother and aunts on the way to my mother's wedding, that "Trey's  probably over there being very polite to everybody, he's so polite and he's not my cousin, he's my bubba. He protects me from everything, he will shoot the coyotes in the backyard for me and everything.", and no there aren't any coyotes in the backyard or has Trey ever shot a gun, but for Chloe that is who he is. He's the hero big brother, standing tall willing to take on any scary monster for her, just like her daddy! 

This family of mine has grown in ways I never imagined! I have the four most beautiful and loving people living in my house. My old friendships have grown and become more like sisters than friends, my mother has met and married the love of her life, and I met so many new and wonderful people, the kind of people who truly enrich your life! For all of these reasons, I will continue to be strong, I will continue to embrace what life has in store for me, and I will continue to live intentionally! God may not do all the work for us, but he gives us all the tools, resources and people we need to make the best life. So when I have a day with 3 hours of sleep, a baby who is throwing up all over me, screaming for hours on end, a seven year old that says"But MOMMY!" and fifteen year old who won't stop saying,"I'm borrrreeeedddd" I will refer back to this blog. The one that shows me proof that "This to shall pass!"

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