Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Can I get a hell yeah!?

Today has been a day full of unexpected excitement!! Addison had her first infectious disease appointment and boy was the hour wait worth it! The doctor told me that Addison was the BEST case of CMV she has ever seen. WOW! A medical professional who has been working with CMV patients for 20 years, thinks my daughter is going to be fine! Quote, "Her brain is fine, if her brain is fine all the rest will fall into place." It was amazing to hear, I spent a year in constant fear of what was to come, now I have some relief. It's almost like vindication for those OB/GYN specialists and NICU doctors that told me she was going to die. That I should just let nature take it's course. Every fiber of my being wants to take Addison up there and say, "Which one of us is cruel?" Booyah Bitches! Yes, I realize this is extremely juvenile but I can't help but want to rub their noses in her progress. Alas, I will behave and find a more productive way to channel my....ummmmm pissed offness? LOL

Speaking off productive ways to channel my "stuff", I am officially the Atlanta representative for STOP CMV, The CMV Action Network!! Rock on!! I am very excited to become more active in the organization and to hopefully see the day when they make CMV screening a standard test for women in their child bearing years.

I hear a spoiled child crying and I can't help but get up to spoil her more......

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